Everything for telecommunications
  • We are a team

    — Even the most perfect material resources and technological know-how are only an important component of success. Success and leadership in one's segment of the market comes only with a group cohesion and a competent management.

    We have both. With us you will always be in a good company.

  • Internet - to every home

    — Our team stands for "total internetization " of our country and the world.
    To do this, we are ready to swiftly provide communications market operators with the most reliable components.

    With us, telecommunication networks will be most effective.

  • To meet expectations - good to go

    The telecommunications market is growing at 20% per year and is rapidly changing. We monitor market trends, adapt to them and always:
    respond as swiftly as possible to our partners requests, fully and accurately inform them about each component.

    With us, expectations are always met.

  • Complex tasks - complex solutions

    — Our main advantage is the ability to solve professionally the problems of business partners. We will select and complete projects of any complexity.

    We will carry out the necessary calculations and provide a complete supply of equipment and materials in a short time. With us, business problems are solved easily.

  • Production, expand!

    — We understand that today it's not enough to be just a reseller, even the best one. So we built a factory for the production of metalwork important for the telecom segment - telecommunication cabinets.

    In the near future - expanding of our own production range. With us it is easier to grow for our business partners.

New items

Key Focus Areas of "Deepnet Ukraine" - the delivery of telecommunication equipment for FOCL (fiber-optic communication lines).


We are the official representative of the largest Ukrainian companies for the production of cable and wire products, Odeskabel OJSC and Yuzhkabel CJSC, and we produce our own products under the SteelNet trademark.


In addition, we are a certified reseller and installer of telecommunications hardware, such as D-Link, Planet, KRONE, Reichle&De-Massari, Tyco Electronics Raychem, Cisco and Asus.


For our partners, Internet access providers and telecom operators, we are ready to perform the functions of the virtual "supply department": manufacture, select, find and deliver everything you need for a great work anywhere in Ukraine.


We do our best, so that the truly effective Internet would come into every home or office.