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Router STELS - WR133F-AC1200-C23

WR133F is a new generation of SOHO high-performance wireless router launched by Shenzhen Ceres Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ceres).


It is positioned in the access network market of Ethernet/optical fiber/xDSL access, mainly including high-speed Internet access. Small and micro enterprises, homes and other network environments.

WR133F is AC 1200 dual-band, 2.4G 2*2, 5G 2*2 omnidirectional multi-element high-gain antenna, 802.11ac MU-MIMO supports wave2, multi-element high-gain omnidirectional antenna has strong signal penetration ability, wider coverage and more signal coverage Broad, data transmission is also smoother.


MU-MIMO multi-device transceiver technology has low latency, and multiple devices are connected stably at the same time, ensuring a good experience for multiple devices.

WR133F adopts MTK chip, provides 100M network interface, 1 100M WAN port and 2 100M LAN ports, supports 2.4G and 5G, wireless transmission rate 1200Mbps; supports rich software features, as a new generation of high-end flagship Product, WR133F provides an ideal cost-effective product for large and small micro-enterprises and families.


New hardware architecture


- Support Max 1.2Gbps wireless rate,full Gigabit port

- Support 802.11a/b/g/n and 802.11ac wave2

- External 4*5dBi multi-element high-gain omnidirectional antenna - 5G is preferred, double frequency is combined, and automatic switching

- 2.4G optional supports external power amplifier PA, coverage range is larger

- The shell is beautiful and the whole machine is light Intelligent terminal QoS policy

- The over-occupation of network bandwidth by P2P software such as BT and Thunder will affect the normal services of other users in the network.


The MAC-based network traffic rate limiting mechanism can effectively control the uplink/downlink traffic of single PC and limits the excessive use of network bandwidth by P2P software


- Supports uplink and downlink QoS policy configuration to meet users flexible service configuration requirements Comprehensive system monitoring

- Provide real-time monitoring of intranet traffic, for traffic monitoring and statistics

- Provide multiple security logs, including real-time logs for internal and external network attack, address-binding logs, traffic alarm logs, and session logs, for network administrators to monitor network in real time.

- Operation state and safety state