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Wavelength: Tx 1310nm, Rx1490nm Tx Optical Power: 0.5~5dBm Rx Sensitivity: -28dBm Saturation Optical Power: -8dBm Data Transmission Parameter PON Throughput: Downstream 2.488Gbit/s; Upstream 1.244Gbit/s Ethernet: 1000Mbps Packet Loss Ratio: <1*10E-12 latency: <1.5ms

Brief Views FD514GB-PRG-R410 Building ONU is one of the GPON optical network unit design to meet the requirement of the broadband access network.


It apply in FTTH/FTTB to provide the data, video service based on the GPON network. GPON is the latest generations of access network technology. ITU-T G.984 is the standard protocol of GPON. The GPON standard differs from other PON standards in that it achieves higher bandwidth and higher efficiency using larger, variable-length packets. GPON offers efficient packaging of user traffic, with frame segmentation allowing higher quality of service (QOS) for delay-sensitive voice and video communications traffic. GPON networks provides the reliability and performance expected for business services and provides an attractive way to deliver residential services.

GPON enables Fiber To The Home (FTTH) deployments economically resulting to accelerated growth worldwide. FD514GB-PRG-R410 provide four GE auto-adapting Ethernet ports, with supporting reverse power supply from user client to POE ONU, meeting the power demand of ONU, suitable for passive installation of ONU, and network is simpler and more flexible. FD514GB-PRG-R410 Building ONU have a high reliability and provide quality of service guarantee, easy management, flexible expansion and networking.


It fully meets the ITU-T technical standards and have good compatibility with third party OLT. Functional Feature

 In compliant with ITU - T G.984 Standard, adapting GPON upstream

 Support POE supply power(PD)

 Support POE switch power supply Support ONU auto-discovery/Link detection/remote upgrade of software

 Support SN and LOID+Password multiple registration methods

 Support port VLAN configuration  Support mac-address learning

 Support port-based rate limitation and bandwidth control

 Support port flow-control

 Support broadcasting storm resistance function

 Support igmp transparent/snooping/proxy mode

 Support remote management configuration

 Support Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA)

 Support AES encryption and decryption

 EMS network management based on SNMP ,convenient for maintenance

 Support power-off alarm function ,easy for link problem detection


Specification Item Parameter PON Interface 1*GPON port, FSAN G.984.2 standard, Class B+ Downstream Data Rate:2.488Gbps Upstream Data Rate:1.244Gbps SC/UPC single mode fiber 28dB Link loss and 20KM distance with 1:128 User Ethernet Interface 4*10/100/1000M auto-negotiation Full/half duplex mode RJ45 connector Auto MDI/MDI-X 100m distance